Customise your online signup form

The personal details collected from your members when they signup via the Member's Portal is customisable. Your facility can decide which details are important for your members, we recommend having fewer requirements where possible while still getting all the information you require. This streamlines the signup process, the quicker and easier signing up is the more members are likely to complete the process.

The bare minimum required fields are; First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Date of Birth, and membership Start Date.



To customise your facility's signup form, navigate to Settings > Members Portal > Signup.

From here you'll be able to see a number of details fields that you can show/hide from your signup form. Look for the setting labels that start with 'Show...' for adding extra fields, and those starting with 'Require...' for making the fields required to complete signing up.

There's one special setting to note, Require all fields on signup, which will make it so all of the fields you've chosen to show on the signup form will be required.